EverWild’s Urban Farm Program fosters eco-literacy in children by mentoring the development of 21st century skills and emotional intelligence while at an urban farm. Children explore the Plumcot Farm located in Malibu, CA and are immersed in hands-on learning experiences that deepen their relationship with the local urban farm.

General Information

Ages: 4.5-10

Mondays (See Eventbrite Calendar)

Plumcot Farm

3314 Serra Rd. Malibu CA 90265


Drop off- 10am

Pick Up- 2:15pm



20% Sibling Discount (must select “pay at the door” to receive discount)

What to Expect

Local harvests

Feeding the chickens

Song and dance in the music yurt

Gratitude gatherings in the teepee

Treehouse building

Natural Dyeing

Bird house making

Bug catching

Honey Harvest

Seasonal art projects

Register Now

Reserve your child’s spot by purchasing a ticket through the following Eventbrite link. To pay with personal check or charter school funds please select “pay at the door” at check-out. Your child’s registration is complete and their spot in the class is reserved when EverWild receives payment or proof of submittal for funds (screenshot of approved charter school funds).



*20% Sibling Discount applied to days when siblings attend together 


EverWild is a vendor for various charter schools that give families the opportunity to apply their charter school funds to our programs. Please review the list on our 'Homeschool Resources' Page or follow the link below.

Why does EverWild Value Place-Based Learning?

Before we can ask a child to help the Earth they must first build a relationship with it. Place-based learning immerses children in their immediate environment allowing them to gain an understanding of and discover their place within the world around them. As the child grows, the complexity and richness of their environment and knowledge of a particular place expands in breadth and depth.

Place-Based Education is the process of using the local community and environment as a starting point to teach concepts in reading and other language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, the arts and other subjects across the curriculum.
— David Sobel