Hello Friends of EverWild,

The rains have come and gone leaving us with a burst of beautiful colors.  Oranges of the nasturtium flowers, yellows of the wild mustard and sour grass, purple of violets.  Hopefully you’ve gotten out in the natural world and smelled the sweet smells of plants coming back to life.  

 Our Nature Immersion Program has been spending time in the canyons witnessing this change of season.  We’ve been getting our feet wet while jumping rocks along the creeks where new plants are emerging and frog eggs are hiding in the shadows of rocks.  The mentors are following the children’s lead as they twirl with the Swallowtail butterflies and share the nasturtiums with the hummingbirds.

EverWild’s Nature Immersion program thrives on the relationship the children have with their mentors and we continue to add more to our team.  Each mentor is chosen based on their ability to allow the children to explore and learn in a safe and supportive way. On his first day, soaking wet from a surprise rain shower, Brian’s smile never left his face.  “This is so much fun” he exclaimed as he ran with the kids through the wet grasses.

 Inspire Charter School has added EverWild’s Nature Immersion Program to their list of Specialty Programs during the 2018 2019 school year.   This gives our families the opportunity to have Amanda as their “homeschool teacher” as well as 2 days of EverWild a week throughout the school year. Sound good?  Read more about this opportunity below.

Many new families have joined our EverWild community this past season.  Our Family Adventure program that gathers each month reminds us all that getting outside in nature with our family is one of the best ways to connect, let go and play.  Hope you’ll join us this month for our May beach day.

See you in the wild!

The EverWild Team



 Specialty Program

EverWild to become part of Inspire's specialty program.

5 Reasons why Inspire Specialty Program with EverWild may be the right fit for your family.

1.  Find yourself running out of funds before the end of the school year but your child wants more EverWild?

2.  Wish you could connect with a like-minded learning community for your family?

3.  Struggling to turn in all the evidence of learning examples on time each month?

4.  Loving the relationship that EverWild mentors have with your child and wish your "homeschool teacher" knew your child so well?

5.  Looking for curriculum that supports your child's experiential learning at EverWild?

Contact elizabeth@everwild.com


Listen up!

The Uncivilize Podcast

"Obviously, we can’t go backward in time. But we don’t have to pack it all up and live off the grid either. “Uncivilizing” is about being willing to question our cultural norms and rethink an increasingly automated existence, in order to build a fulfilling (even fun!), more natural and, ultimately, more authentically human life." Jennifer writes on her webpage. 

 Amanda and Elizabeth got to spend a morning with Jennifer to talk about how they founded EverWild and came to find the 'EverWild Way' of living.  Listen to the podcast by clicking below.

EverWild Families

Family Adventures

We are working hard to grow our EverWild tribe.  Each month we offer an opportunity for new and old families to come and visit one of our locations.  We want your help spreading the word about our adventures. Join us May 20th for our next gathering.  

New helping hands 

EverWild's new mentors

As we head into spring we want to bring attention to 3 new mentors that are playing with our explorers.  Ayden comes to us from the fantastical world of castles, magic beings and sword play.  Rachel swam in from the deep blue sea on her surf board and brought with her musical instruments and art supplies.  Brian, our newest member, came rolling down the mt on his skate board and landed in a colorful heap of nasturtiums.  Read more about these amazing beings by clicking on the button below.

What's in your pack

How to pack for an adventure!

Your child may have very creative ideas of what what MUST go in their pack.  We like a compromise so lead mentor Amanda gives us the ideal items for an EverWild adventure.


With Gratitude. 

EverWild is reminded every day that we could not do what we do without all of the support from our EverWild community.  Thank you so much to the families that give their time and energy to making our programs happen.   

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