The very skilled educator knows when to offer an insight, a question or materials to support a child’s learning,
but more importantly knows when to get out of the way.
— Jon Cree, UK Forest School Association


Amanda Caloia

Co-Founder and Lead Mentor

Growing up with acres of forest in my backyard is where my love for the wild began. The absence of walls allowed my imagination, creativity and legs to have no bounds. I found this same freedom participating in and coaching multiple sports throughout my schooling in Syracuse, NY. This love for kids and an active lifestyle lead me to SUNY Cortland where I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Physical Education and my teaching credential. It wasn’t until the end of my four-year degree that I took a class in Outdoor Education deep in the Adirondack Mountains. This class alone would change the trajectory of my life. That summer I took a masters class in Inclusive Outdoor Education and began making plans to create my own Outdoor Education program. Later that year I moved out West with the idea to expand such a program that would allow kids to learn through the outdoors. Shortly after arriving in California I excitedly landed a position as the preschool teacher for LA Nature Kids. I spent roughly three years off the grid with the wild ones exploring, learning organically and growing as an individual and mentor to them. LA Nature Kids inspired me to dig deeper into an unschooling philosophy of education. After reading, researching and writing I found that the synergy between unschooling and the outdoors is irresistible and inseparable. I began sharing my discoveries with a few parents and it didn’t take long to find others who felt the same way about their children’s education. After years of progressive thought and months of hard work, EverWild has become a reality.


Elizabeth Wells

Co-Founder, Secretary and Assistant Mentor
Having received my formal education from the University of Cape Town, South Africa with a BA in Psychology and Art History and my informal education from world travel and living abroad, I have been in a process of experiential-based learning ever since. Nothing however prepared me for the hands-on education and life lessons learned from becoming a parent. I’m constantly reminded of the inspiring and simple words of Fred Rogers, There are so many things to learn about in this world and so many people who can help us learn. Our family is inspired by unschooling philosophies and discovering more about our interest’s one adventure at a time.


Rebecca Chou

Co-Founder, Family Liason and Assistant Mentor
I graduated from Georgia Tech in 2006 with my bachelor of science in Civil Engineering. Shortly after beginning my career as a structural engineer, I realized that a traditional corporate environment was a mismatch for my personality. I decided to shift gears. This time, I would marry my logical and mathematical self with my creative and people-focused self by earning my masters in teaching physics. My life path began to take shape through the vision of my professors. They opened my eyes to teaching science in a new way: asking questions, investigating, and discussing ideas. In other words, I learned to teach science as if my students were scientists. As I taught physics, math, and engineering to high school students, I began recognizing that all subjects can and should be taught via their fundamental natures. I have further learned that all people (young and not-so-young) learn best when they are intrinsically motivated to do so. It is now my life goal to create a new paradigm in education: one in which students are free to have fun, where individuality is fostered and celebrated, where there is no such thing as a ranking system, and where all people involved grow and learn deeply and organically.


Emily Hart Roth

Director of Marketing and Media, Co-Director of Family Adventures Program

Emily Hart Roth is the photographer and storyteller behind Roth Pictures LLC, which is
dedicated to giving clients a deeper understanding and connection to their brand through
images and stories that enhance and interweave all facets of their business. Emily's roots are grounded in the wild woods of northern Wisconsin, but she now also calls the wilds of Los Angeles home. Emily’s advice to all the mama bears out there: you don’t have to raise your children in a tree to connect them to the natural world - but you do have to let them climb one.



Ayden Westmoreland

Nature Immersion Mentor

Ayden Westmorland wants to make a difference.  Her interest in education sparked from her Waldorf Education and her strong belief that children learn through play, acting out and stories.  After graduating High School Ayden traveled to Wales learning the legends of the land through local lore.  On that same trip she reconnected with the natural world doing daily walking meditations at the Deer Park monastery.  Upon her return to Los Angeles she was inspired to take classes at Santa Monica Community college in history and learning through storytelling.  “For me, EverWild embodies everything I believe education is: a safe space to learn more about yourself and the world around you through observation, projects and play in the natural world”  


Rachel Lord

Nature Immersion Mentor

Rachel Lord is an artist and surfer who originally hails from Aspen, Colorado. Growing up in the mountains instilled in her an awe and respect for nature and a sense of home when out of doors. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2008 with a degree in Painting and has spent the better part of the last 10 years showing her art around the world and is represented by galleries in New York, LA, and Berlin. After working at a surf camp she realized her dual calling is to work with children in a setting where they can thrive and learn in joy. Finding EverWild LA feels to her like the culmination of a year of dreaming and she is so excited to be a part of the mentor team. She is currently pursuing her single subject teaching credential in art. 


Brian Peck

Nature Immersion Mentor

Born and raised in Connecticut, he's now happy to call Southern California home. Brian is a freelance web designer and for fun enjoy's surfing, skateboarding, and all sorts of adventures. Brian states  "I've always gone against the grain and done things my own way - in my work, hobbies, and especially schooling - and so I’m very excited to do lots of learning and adventuring outside of the classroom with the kids"


Dustin Hampton

Nature Immersion Mentor

Dustin comes to EverWild from years of experience as a Preschool Teacher at LA Nature Kids, skateboard instructor/event coordinator, and a Summer Camp Councilor. When he isn't exploring with the EverWild tribe, he is often surfing local point breaks, skateboarding down the canyons, or backpacking/hot springs hunting throughout nearby wilderness areas including the Sespe Wilderness. He is also an assistant warehouse manager for Loaded Longboards and Orangatang Wheels.