How to pay with funds (Summer Only)

Enroll in one of our affiliated summer charter schools to receive funding to offset the financial cost of enrolling your child in EverWild. *Affiliated summer charters include iLead and Valiant Prep.

To pay using charter school funds please:

  1. Pay using personal payment at check out AND submit a request for funds through your affiliated charter school for the total amount of your balance. EverWild is unable to provide services prior to receiving a check from the charter school for the Summer Program only (we apologize for any inconvenience).

  2. Provide EverWild with a certificate of funds. Please contact your homeschool teacher to ensure that EverWild receives a certificate of funds.

  3. EverWild will issue you a refund check upon receiving a payment for your child’s enrollment from the charter school (EverWild will provide your refund check on a NET 30 agreement from the time we receive the check from the charter school. It may take 30-47 days for EverWild to receive the check from the charter school). All checks will be issued to the primary address listed in the parent’s HiSawyer account.