We have few spaces remaining in our Nature Immersion Program for the ‘18-’19 School Year. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to reserve your child’s spot in one of our classes. If your child has not attended a free tour day please schedule one through the button below.

Schedule a Free Tour Day

Prior to enrolling in EverWild classes

EverWild Locations

Our schedule is emailed to currently enrolled families on a month-month basis. Please see our locations list below to view some of the locations where our adventures take place.

15% Sibling Discount

Provided at checkout when you enroll one or more siblings in EverWild classes.

EverWild is a Preferred Vendor Program for Inspire Charter Schools!

Inspire Charter School offers the opportunity for students to enroll in EverWild’s Hawk Program (ages 8-11) or Wolf Program (ages 5-7) two days per week for the duration of the school year. To learn more about the benefits of enrolling in the preferred vendor program please visit our Preferred Program page.

‘19-’20 School Year

General Info

Enrollment for the 19-20 school year will open on July 1st. Our currently enrolled families have first priority to reserve their child’s space in the school year beginning June 1st. The school year runs Monday through Thursday 10am-3pm from Monday, September 9th 2019 and ends Thursday, May 21st 2020. More details including Holidays and Breaks will be available by July 1st including the schedule and locations.

We are expecting to fill quickly so in preparation of reserving your child's spot for the school year on July 1st, please see the ‘19-’20 school year enrollment section below to begin preparing to reserve your child’s space.

Enrollment Schedule:

*Enrollment for Sept-Nov. opens on July 1st

*Enrollment for Dec.-Feb. opens October 1st

*Enrollment for Mar-May opens January 1st

*You may register your child on a drop-in basis but this does not guarantee your child's spot in EverWild classes as enrollment opens for 3 months at a time and space is reserved on a first come first serve basis.


*Your child’s registration is complete and their space in all requested classes is reserved upon checkout through HiSawyer located at the bottom of EverWild’s Online Registration Page.


*15% Sibling Discount applied to days when siblings attend together

Payment Option 1: Enroll using personal payment through HiSawyer found at the bottom of EverWild’s Online Registration page. We do not accept personal checks to cover the cost of your child’s enrollment.

Payment Option 2: Enroll in one of our affiliated charter schools to receive funding to offset the financial cost of enrolling your child in EverWild. *Affiliated charters include Inspire Charter Schools, iLead, Valiant Prep, Summit Academy, Sage Oak, and Excel Academy.

Payment Option 3: Enroll in the Inspire Charter School's Preferred Vendor Program at EverWild for the duration of the ‘19-’20 school year (Inspire Charter School covers the cost of 2 days/week). To learn more about the Preferred Vendor Program please click here.

  1. Please enroll with Inspire Charter Schools for the 19-20 school year by March 1st to avoid being put on their waitlist. You will need to complete and upload the Preferred Vendor Certificate to complete your child’s enrollment. To download this certificate please click here.

  2. Register your child in all days in which they plan to attend through HiSawyer found at the bottom of EverWild’s Online Registration page. Use discount code SPECIALTYSTUDENT at checkout to complete your child’s registration at EverWild.

How to pay with funds (School Year Only)

1. Please register your child through HiSawyer and use the discount code CHARTERFUNDS at checkout to pay using funds.

2. Please apply for a certificate of funds through the charter school. The certificate of funds must match the total amount deducted from your balance on HiSawyer. 

3. Your child's registration in EverWild classes is complete when EverWild receives a certificate of funds. Failure to provide a certificate of funds within 48hours of enrolling through HiSawyer may result in the loss of your child's registration in selected EverWild classes. Please contact your homeschool teacher to ensure that EverWild receives a certificate of funds.

ENROLL NOW through HiSawyer

Cancelation Policy

EverWild is unable to provide refunds or makeups for cancellations. If EverWild cancels a class for any reason families who pay out of pocket will receive a full refund for the class.