‘19-’20 School Year Enrollment

Enrollment for the 19-20 school year will open on July 1st. Our currently enrolled families have first priority to reserve their child’s space in the school year beginning June 1st. The school year runs Monday through Thursday 10am-3pm from Monday, September 9th 2019 and ends Thursday, May 21st 2020. More details including Holidays and Breaks will be available by July 1st including the schedule and locations.

We are expecting to fill quickly so in preparation of reserving your child's spot for the school year on July 1st, please see the ‘19-’20 school year enrollment section below to begin preparing to reserve your child’s space.

Enrollment Schedule:

*Enrollment for Sept-Nov. opens on July 1st

*Enrollment for Dec.-Feb. opens October 1st

*Enrollment for Mar-May opens January 1st

*You may register your child on a drop-in basis but this does not guarantee your child's spot in EverWild classes as enrollment opens for 3 months at a time and space is reserved on a first come first serve basis.

EverWild is a Preferred Program for Inspire Charter Schools!

Inspire Charter School offers the opportunity for students to enroll in EverWild’s Hawk Program (ages 8-11) or Coyote Program (ages 5-7) two days per week for the duration of the school year. To learn more about the benefits of enrolling in the preferred vendor program please visit our Preferred Program page.