What goes in your child's adventure ready backpack?

On any given EverWild morning your child is helping you get their backpack ready for the day's adventure.  If your child is anything like mine some days the pack is a little bit heavier then other days.  In general we try to avoid a whole mess of extras but sometimes...the purple and pink purse stuffed with an array of items MUST be included.  

Our lead mentor Amanda gave us her recommendations for an "adventure ready" backpack.  The asterix means its a must have for an EverWild adventure day.


Find a comfortable backpack for your child - Sized appropriately

*A change of clothes in a plastic bag - weather appropriate ie don't pack extra shorts if it's a cool day.

A "nature" journal.  Lightweight and not more then 20 pages of blank paper.

A magnifying glass.  Children always want to see things up close.

Binoculars.  We know there are lot's of choices pick one that is age appropriate.  

A packet of wipes - small.

A collection bag. Any bag will do as long as it can withstand rock collections of a fairly large caliber.

*Snacks.  Aim for delicious loaded with goodies snacks.

*Water.  A refillable easy to open water bottle

*Basic First Aid Kit. Make your own or buy a pre-made one.

A sunhat. Comfortable and easy to stuff in their backpack

Pocket Knife (Swiss Army Jr. or Opinal)


 Lil Bellies has a great collection of outdoor exploration tools and items.

This backpack is an Osprey brand - comes in many sizes.

Stainless steel water bottles like this Klean Canteen are good because there is no plastic spout to collect mold.

Planet Box has an entire array of snack and lunch containers and the children can help pick the magnets.