"Oh! It's so cold!"

What does it feel like to take your shoes off and sink your feet into the squishy, brown mud and cold water at frog pond?  Let's go on an EverWild Family Adventure, follow your child's lead, take your shoes off and find out. It's cold at first, a little uncomfortable, new, maybe familiar, so many sensations.  A connection is made. Hear the loud snap of a rotten tree branch you just grabbed. Feel the warm sun on your face as you come out of the shade. Smell the sweet fragrance of wild cucumber vine in the air.  Taste the succulent and tangy sourgrass growing wild along the path. A connection to yourself, to your child, to the natural world.

Thanks to  Noah's family for the  Slow Bru Coffee coffee donation.

Thanks to Anika and Jalia's family for the GF coffee cake donation.

Thanks Solia's family for the dried fruit snackaroo necklaces.

All images © Roth Pictures.

Emily Hart RothComment