Yucca Rope - the EverWild way

How to make Yucca Rope

1. using a pocket knife, cut some yucca blades from the bottom of the plant. *Remember, harvest sustainably, take only what you need. If you need more than a couple blades, please take a few from a few different plants.

2. gently smoosh your blades one at a time between two rocks to get the fibers loose (you can also bend and twist the blade in the center)

3. pull the fibers apart keeping them as long as possible but no thicker than a piece of yarn

4. using a nail or door knob, someone else’s help, or any creative item that will hold the rope steady for you, fold one yucca fiber in half and drape it over your object. You should be able to gently tug on both ends of your fiber and have it stay on your object/in your helper’s hand. 

5. place one hand on each strand of yucca

6. take the piece in your right hand and “spin” it away from your body

7. take the strand you just spun in your right hand and bring it over your left hand.

8. now let go of the yucca strands

9. uncross your hands (have someone hold your strands in place)

10.grab the strand on the left with your left hand

11. grab the strand on your right with your right hand

12. repeat steps 6-12

13. When you get close to the end of your rope you can add another piece by repeating steps 4-11

14. End your rope by making a square knot or just tye your own knot.

Voila! You have yourself a yucca rope. Enjoy :)

Amanda CaloiaComment