Ocean Floor

It's Saturday morning and I'm sitting at my office (aka my bed) editing our website and catching up on office work. I add the "Blog" portion to the website and think to myself, "I've never really written in a blog. Where do I begin? With a story about my childhood, or a lecture on our plans for the future?" None of these options inspired me. 

Spring Break is coming to a close and I'm sunburnt and salted from surfing all week with my friends. I daydream, about the endless supply of waves we had in San "O". I daydream, about each ride I had and each line my friends drew in front of me. We stoked out on each wave caught. I daydream, about the last session we had and the brutal walk out of the tide pools covering the ocean floor. We had walked through them session after session and I was starting to feel like I had soft baby feet again. I stepped on rock after rock until I stepped on something soft. It was a rather large Sea Hare, also known as a Sea Slug (it's scientific name, Aplysia californica). "Oops!", I said, gently moving away from it and looking back to make sure it was OK. 

I spun back into reality three coffees later and began sifting through emails and organizing materials for this week's event. On Tuesday, EverWild is teaming up with Inspire Charter Schools to host an Earth Day adventure at one of our beloved local beaches. The mentors that will be joining us for the day happen to be the same friends I had been surfing with all week. These friends are some of the most kindhearted, inspirational and driven humans that I know, much like everyone who is a part of EverWild. Tuesday's event will be EverWild's first Earth Day event. This time last year I was putting in my "2-weeks notice" for my job at a wonderful preschool, L.A. Nature Kids. That 2-weeks notice was more like a 4 month's notice and I was working around the clock as a full time teacher for Nature Kids by day and preparing to open EverWild in September, by night. Luckily, EverWild has two other founders including Elizabeth Wells and Rebecca Chou so we were able to divided the jobs amongst each other.

I can't believe it's been a year.

On this Saturday morning I reflect on not only the ocean floor at San "O" EverWild's ocean floor, so to speak, but I reflect and appreciate this present moment and the wonderful people who surround it. It is a combination of the kind of people EverWild has been attracting and the growth we have experienced in the past year that brings this phrase to echo throughout my mind, "your vibe attracts your tribe". It has become more apparent over the past few months that we had truly built a tribe of like-minded individuals.

Today, EverWild is a community of kindhearted souls, caring individuals, environmental stewards, givers, explorers, adventure seekers, and lovers of Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. Our Earth Day is every day and we hope you join us in celebrating and honoring our planet by enjoying it and protecting it this Earth Day and every other day that follows.