Homeschoolers Paying with Charter School Funds

Homeschool Payment Options

Option 1: Enroll using personal payment through HiSawyer found on EverWild’s Online Registration page. We do not accept personal checks.

Option 2: Enroll in one of our affiliated charter schools to receive funding to offset the financial cost of enrolling your child in EverWild. *Affiliated charters include Inspire Charter Schools, iLead, Valiant Prep, Summit Academy, Sage Oak, and Excel Academy.

Option 3: Enroll in the Inspire Charter School's Preferred Vendor Program at EverWild for the duration of the ‘19-’20 school year (Inspire Charter School covers the cost of 2 days/week). You must have permission from EverWild prior to enrolling in this option. To learn more about the Preferred Vendor Program please click here.

Enroll Using Charter School Funds:

1. Please register your child through HiSawyer and use the discount code CHARTERFUNDS at checkout to notify EverWild that you plan to pay using charter school funds. Preferred Vendor Students must request the private discount code to secure their space in EverWild’s Preferred Vendor Program.

2. Please apply for a certificate of funds through your charter school within 24 hours of booking EverWild classes. The amount applied for must match the total amount deducted from your HiSawyer balance. 

3. Your child's registration in EverWild classes is complete when EverWild receives proof of approved submittal for funds (screenshot of your approved funds through your charter’s online ordering system). Failure to provide proof of approved submittal for funds within 48hours of enrolling in EverWild classes may result in the loss of your child's registration. Please contact your homeschool teacher to ensure your submittal for funds is approved on time. 

Please Note: If you are enrolling in EverWild within 48hrs of the start of the class you must pay out of pocket through HiSawyer.