Adventure Together

Family Adventures is a monthly opportunity for families to connect with the outdoors in a supportive environment at local nature destinations. Community partners provide space for EverWild and highlight events and activities offered at local destination. Every adventure, following a similar framework, offers child and family-led decision making, open play, and connection to nature. Family members choose from activities and have free time to explore and play on their own. Experts in various fields or from the destination are a resource and meet with families to provide information and/or an interactive activity. Family Adventure allows both the child and parent/guardian to explore and learn, grow in confidence and knowledge, and build community-growth values with other families. Each adventure is followed by a survey to provide feedback, suggestions for locations and activities, and opportunities for families to take the lead in upcoming events. 

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An Adventure at Reel Hippie Trail

A story from our latest family adventure at Reel Hippie Trail.