Daily Rhythm

Take a look at our rhythm of the day.

(Times may vary based on class)


10am Drop off- Sign In

10:10am Hike to Basecamp

10:15 Welcoming Circle & Snack Children bring their own snacks. The group creates boundaries near base camp. The project of the day will be introduced and materials will be provided (this project will reflect the group’s interest in past classes. Materials and projects are pen ended).

10:30am Exploration & Project We believe in the power of nature to provide the environment for deep place-based exploration. Children build relationships with their peers, mentors, and environment. Project ideas organically surface through unencumbered play and experimenting with new tools and materials. Mentors observe and document strong group interests while providing supporting questions, materials, and tools to encourage deeper learning. Projects organically surface and mentors support the depth of the project by revisiting the same location and providing tools and materials. Click here to view some of the projects we have completed in the past.

12pm Lunch

1pm Expedition Choice The group has the option to explore outside of the boundaries to a further destination or to continue to explore and discover projects close to basecamp.

2pm Nature Journaling Students find a quiet space or “sit spot” in nature for reflection and creative expression. This may take the form of written word, sketches, paintings, videography, photography, or group discussions.

2:30pm Gratitude Circle The group honors the work done for the day and gives gratitude and thanks to the Earth, animals, and one another.

2:40pm Pack up & Hike Out

3pm Pick Up & Sign Out