Curriculum Support

EverWild will provide inspiring curriculum choices on-site for students as well as recommending resources for parents to further enrich their child’s learning at home. Inspire Homeschool Teacher (CA credentialed) Amanda Caloia, and the selected EverWild lead mentor, expose students to experiential learning projects, materials, and EverWild Curriculum to deepen their connection to nature. Your Homeschool Teacher will be responsible for completing a minimum of 1 work sample/month as evidence of learning the CA Core academic subjects. Additional samples are always appreciated from continued work at home, but not necessary. The Homeschool Teacher will notify families of when to record your child’s attendance, submit additional work samples, check in with parents at drop-off and pick-up, support families outside of EverWild class hours, complete report cards, and provide a mentor relationship with your child to support his/her individual learning style and experience.